Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Hunter Thompson Shirts

Hunter Thompson shirts can be found all over the internet and that's why I decided to create a line of Hunter Thompson Shirts at CuriousInkling. These are not the normal kind of shirts you would find. These are really flat out art t-shirts designed in really wicked cool style. If you dig the Gonzo you need to check these Hunter Thompson Shirts out, there are pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

I Consider Myself A Road Man For The Lords Of Karma

Here is one Hunter Thompson Shirt I'm particularly fond of. "Road Man For The Lords of Karma."  It has a real cool grungy feel with a dark skull and lots of rings and scratches. 

It's the lettering of the Hunter Thompson Quote that I like and the way the entire design works in concert to present this single message from Hunter.

It's a very popular shirt on the site already. There are so many huge fans of Hunter Thompson that these shirts are really flying out the door. 

Check out all our Hunter Thompson Shirts and see if we don't have something that you don't find as a must have. Bet you at the very least, wish you had one or two of them!

These shirt designs are both fun and meaningful. To Hunter S Thompson fans, the quotes touch somewhere deep and wearing the shirts gives all sorts of real satisfaction.

As you might guess, I'm a freak-fan of the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and that's why this next Hunter Thompson shirt is one of my favorites. 

I mean, come on! What a great t-shirt for those who love the film, right? The lettering is done in a sexy grunge style and the deep blacks and reds work together so well in drawing the eye to the shirt and getting loads of attention.

The illustration of a panicked "Raul Duke" played by Johnny Depp is just priceless on this one.

The design is rare and unique to this genre of t-shirts. You can find many t-shirt sites that sell one or so Hunter Thompson Shirts but heh, we have a boat load of them at Curious Inkling and they all have this quality of graphic design and devotion to the man who inspired them.

If you are a Hunter Thompson fan, you should take my advise and check out the long line of Hunter Thompson shirts we have available.

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