Friday, January 14, 2011

New Astrological Dates

Have you heard that there's a whole new set of horoscope dates that we have to go by now? Yeah, it seems  that due to the earth's changing alignment, you may not be born under the same astrological sign you once thought you were. Okay so I was once very happy to be a Libra and now I'm a Virgo? This can't be! Say it's not so!

We are still reeling from the shock of this new zodiac discovery but as you know, we still have to work, so we designed a very cool looking New Zodiac 2.0 line of shirts and gifts. We add a bit of humor to the shirt of course but it's really a beautiful shirt for horoscope fans.

These are really fun New Zodiac shirts and they look great too. We have these cool shirts in mens, womens and even kids sizes too. Oh! And there's even an awesome poster with this design too. Check it out.

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