Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Shirt

Alice in Wonderland has always one of my daughter's favorite stories. She got interested in the twisted, dark world of Wonderland when she was 13 and played a pleasantly disturbing 3rd person action game called "American McGee's Alice."

Ten years after the game's release, Tim Burton creates a version of the story for the big screen that gets mixed reviews but certainly thrills most Alice fans and it is around all this that we create our latest t-shirt design, Alice in Wonderland, a pop art typography rendering of Mad Hatter that doesn't disappoint!

The words used are from the opening lines in the movie and make for quite a unique and engaging shirt for every Alice fan out there. Already this shirt has climbed the charts as one of our most successful designs of the year and we are very pleased with the response. I'm very certain that if you too are an Alice fan you will enjoy this very rare t-shirt offering as well. Order yours at

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Christmas Gift As A Kid

When my brothers and I were kids, we always had pretty great Christmas gifts waiting for us on Christmas morning. Yeah, Santa was usually pretty good to us. We were by no means rich but somehow dreams of a Stretch Armstrong action figure, chemistry sets and slot car race tracks seem to appear magically under the tree. One year in particular was memorable to us three brothers, though. The year we got our very own Atari 5200 Gaming System! Wow, what a Christmas that was! If you aren't familiar with this massive behemoth of a console, check out the video below.

The Atari 5200 was a giant commercial flop, however. I don't know if it was the gargantuan size of the thing or the screwy television and power hook-up, or maybe it was the nutty control pads that sort of looked like space age telephones...something was wrong with the system and Atari took a huge hit for it.

Never mind that though, this game could play all our favorite arcade games like Pac-Man, Joust, Space Invaders and lots more and that meant we didn't have to dig for quarters in the sofa so much. We were happy campers for sure! It was the first game system my family owned and it was the bomb back in the day. If you are feeling nostalgic, you might enjoy these new arcade gamer t-shirts we have at They really bring back the old days of spending days in the arcade!

So tell me...What was your favorite Christmas present as a kid?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting A Head Start On 2011

Being the Christmas geek that I am, the holiday drawing near actually makes me feel a bit melancholy. I wish I could just suspend time so that this season of good cheer could last all year long. But alas the new year approaches and soon after we get to enjoy the sappy and even more commercialized, Valentines Day, oh and then of course we can look forward to tax season...yay.

Before I get myself in too much of a dump, I want to tell you about a new shirt design I came up with and a new direction I'm taking in the new year.

Hound Dog Pop Art Shirt

I am working on a series of art t-shirts. Our friendly hound dog pop art design above being the first of the lot. I have a lot of funny shirts in inventory and they are all very well received but the creative person inside me will not rest on funny shirts alone so I'm going to give into this nagging voice in my head and work on some nice art t-shirts as well.

Merry Christmas! I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Christmas T-shirts In Stock Now!

I am a certified Christmas geek. No really, I have the card to prove it. To me, there's nothing like the holiday season and I thoroughly enjoy everything about it. I started looking around the net to see what sort of Christmas t-shirts others had designed because, you know, no sense in doing it if I can't offer something new. With that in mind, I think I was able to come up with some nice, unique t-shirts that would be fun to wear to parties or whatever sort of holiday gathering that you may have planned.

It's A Wonderful Life Shirts for Men, Women and Children!
This is just one example of the Christmas shirts we have in stock. This is our "It's A Wonderful Life" t-shirt. It features the exact replica logo of the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan as seen in the movie. It's a Wonderful Life has always been one of my "must see" holiday movies and I really love this t-shirt. If you look closely in the "bank run" scene where George has to cancel his honeymoon plans to save the business from closing, you will see this exact window logo in the scene a couple of times. The Christmas garnish at top and bottom of the logo just ads that warm antique holiday flavor to the design. 

We have lots more really fun Christmas T-shirts available as well so please stop in and have a look. We also have the most unique geek t-shirts and gifts, movie fan shirts and gifts and a huge assortment of one-of-a-kind t-shirt designs that would make terrific gifts for just about anyone on your list. After all, what's more personal and enjoyable than giving someone a gift they love and can enjoy wearing?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cool Rock/Music T-shirts

Our new Johnny Cash Tribute t-shirt design.

We are currently re-building our Rock/Music t-shirt category. We lost the old designs in a rather freakish hard-drive crash that makes us weep even today. Regardless of the past, we forge ahead and simply make what was, even better and I think we are on the right track with these cool new music art t-shirt designs.
Jimi Hendrix Tribute Art Design
You can find these rare and beautiful music art tribute t-shirts only at your graphic t-shirt source,!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Funny Baby Clothes

We added a fun new line of funny baby clothes to our growing army of graphic t-shirts at These baby t-shirts are as cute as they are hilarious and what's more they have terrific color and loads of attitude too. Plop your little tyke in one and watch the attention they get.

These shirts make really terrific baby shower gifts as they always get a crowd to crack up with laughter and they make terrific presents for your favorite tots or for any occasion where laughter is in the works.



Like I said, these are only a few funny baby clothes we have to offer. Please stop in our website to see them all. You will be glad you did.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New! Funny Gnome T-shirts adds new Funny Gnome designs
    Funny gnome t-shirts are nothing new to me. After being in the business for so long, I've seen my competitors load thousands of designs online of the little garden devils with a number of different saying but it wasn't until recently that I decided to revamp the look of such shirts, give them some life and make them something people might want to wear out on the town or to a party.
   This, my first block for our revamped web site is about the new funny gnome designs I just recently put up in our inventory. Have a look at them below. I'm sure they will tickle your funny bone.

Fight the Power Gnome T-shirt
Fight The Power! End Gnome Oppression!
     This has got to be one of my favorite funny t-shirt designs on It's one of those designs that I tinkered with for a couple of days until something clicked and a great t-shirt design emerged.
     If sales support it, I would love to expand this series of funny gnome shirts. With the popularity of the Travelocity gnome these shirts should do real well. It would be lots of fun to focus on designing more of these shirts if they do. I mean, come on, how much fun are garden gnomes right? I mean as far as mythical creatures go, gnomes are sort of like the Jack Black of the fairy tale world. 
     This design features an angry little Gnome ready to bust a cap in any of those that would oppress he or his kin. Now that's a fairy tale I could get into! I could see Quinton Tarantino producing the movie adaptation and  Danny DeVito starring lead as the gnome with a bad attitude.
     I love the powerful grungy look of this t-shirt. It just plays well with the whole delivery of the joke behind it. I hope you like it too. 
Click here to view all of our unique t-shirt designs!

Chillin' With My Gnomies T-shirt
Fight The Power! End Gnome Oppression!
     This is a hilarious gnome t-shirt design. I like it so much because the illustration on the gnomes seems so motley and unruly like these little buggers broke free from their imprisoning lawns to get together for a barbecue or something.
    You may have seen shirts like this before from other designers because I have but I never liked the design that delivered the message on those so I made one my own for our online store.  I think this one looks great though. I wanted it to look friendly, colorful and bright because the message is so funny. To me the design looks best on white t-shirt material but you can play around with it on all sorts of shirt styles and colors before you buy it to pick out one you like the most.
Visit our site at to check it out.

Real Gnomes In Argentina?
Teens Terrorized By Fantasy Creature!
    LOLz!!! I don't know how genuine this video is but since it's commonly understood that gnomes aren't actual members of our physical population, my guess a midget got drunk, dressed up as a gnome to cruise for chicks. I mean, if I were a midget, that's the road I would take. Girls can't refuse a frisky gnome!

Frisky Gnome T-shirt!
Heh, how's THAT for a segway, huh?
     Check this shirt out. "To Gnome Is To Love Me" I love funny shirt designs that make an obvious play on words and this shirt does it so nice and cheesy too! What I like most about this design is the frisky little gnome illustration. Just look at that guy all laid back and cocky with that come-hither stare. Females beware! These shirts have already started moving out the door and fast so prepare to fall in love with this little guy.
     I'm really excited about this design. It's not easy making a fat little gnome sexy but just look at him, ladies...yeah, you love him and he's got his eye on you!
    Great looking distressed lettering and loads of personality makes this shirt a must have addition to your t-shirt collection.

   Go to to see all our funny t-shirt designs.

You Down With O.P.P? Yeah, You Gnome!

Who knew Gnomes would be so 'Naughty by Nature'?
     I'm not at all sure if I'm down with OPP or not but if you are, this shirt's for you! This t-shirt design is just fun and it looks great. It's a tribute to the hit 80s rap song from "Naughty By Nature" but even if you aren't a rap music enthusiast, you can't ignore the splendid humor in this great t-shirt design.
     The gnome illustration ( I call him "Ice Hoe'...umm, garden hoe that is.) He's layin' down the wicked rhymes to the rhythm of the beat cause you know Ice Hoe cam to represent! Ahem, that's about as hip hop as this ole southern gent can get folks, sorry. offers many different unique t-shirt designs for you to choose from.