Monday, November 29, 2010

New Christmas T-shirts In Stock Now!

I am a certified Christmas geek. No really, I have the card to prove it. To me, there's nothing like the holiday season and I thoroughly enjoy everything about it. I started looking around the net to see what sort of Christmas t-shirts others had designed because, you know, no sense in doing it if I can't offer something new. With that in mind, I think I was able to come up with some nice, unique t-shirts that would be fun to wear to parties or whatever sort of holiday gathering that you may have planned.

It's A Wonderful Life Shirts for Men, Women and Children!
This is just one example of the Christmas shirts we have in stock. This is our "It's A Wonderful Life" t-shirt. It features the exact replica logo of the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan as seen in the movie. It's a Wonderful Life has always been one of my "must see" holiday movies and I really love this t-shirt. If you look closely in the "bank run" scene where George has to cancel his honeymoon plans to save the business from closing, you will see this exact window logo in the scene a couple of times. The Christmas garnish at top and bottom of the logo just ads that warm antique holiday flavor to the design. 

We have lots more really fun Christmas T-shirts available as well so please stop in and have a look. We also have the most unique geek t-shirts and gifts, movie fan shirts and gifts and a huge assortment of one-of-a-kind t-shirt designs that would make terrific gifts for just about anyone on your list. After all, what's more personal and enjoyable than giving someone a gift they love and can enjoy wearing?