Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Shirt

Alice in Wonderland has always one of my daughter's favorite stories. She got interested in the twisted, dark world of Wonderland when she was 13 and played a pleasantly disturbing 3rd person action game called "American McGee's Alice."

Ten years after the game's release, Tim Burton creates a version of the story for the big screen that gets mixed reviews but certainly thrills most Alice fans and it is around all this that we create our latest t-shirt design, Alice in Wonderland, a pop art typography rendering of Mad Hatter that doesn't disappoint!

The words used are from the opening lines in the movie and make for quite a unique and engaging shirt for every Alice fan out there. Already this shirt has climbed the charts as one of our most successful designs of the year and we are very pleased with the response. I'm very certain that if you too are an Alice fan you will enjoy this very rare t-shirt offering as well. Order yours at

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