Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting A Head Start On 2011

Being the Christmas geek that I am, the holiday drawing near actually makes me feel a bit melancholy. I wish I could just suspend time so that this season of good cheer could last all year long. But alas the new year approaches and soon after we get to enjoy the sappy and even more commercialized, Valentines Day, oh and then of course we can look forward to tax season...yay.

Before I get myself in too much of a dump, I want to tell you about a new shirt design I came up with and a new direction I'm taking in the new year.

Hound Dog Pop Art Shirt

I am working on a series of art t-shirts. Our friendly hound dog pop art design above being the first of the lot. I have a lot of funny shirts in inventory and they are all very well received but the creative person inside me will not rest on funny shirts alone so I'm going to give into this nagging voice in my head and work on some nice art t-shirts as well.

Merry Christmas! I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year.

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