Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zombie Eat Flesh T-shirts

Our Zombie Eat Flesh shirt has risen from the grave to grace your walking dead lovin' torsos yet again.  We cancelled our last issue of Zombie Eat Flesh for legal reasons. Seems some well-known fast food chain thought it looked too much like their logo...go figure. So we cancelled the glorious Zombie Eat Flesh design which saddened many of our t-shirt fans. Trust us, we were sad too. Zombie Eat Flesh was one of our favorite shirts as well. Parting with it was sweet sorrow but this month we decided to redesign the shirt and release it again, leaner, cleaner and heh, hopefully less copyrighted than before.

Zombie Eat Flesh Womens Spaghetti Tank  By CuriousInkling
Zombies are our favorite horror bad-guy/gal/baby creature of all times. In the movies they make hilarious kill fodder. Well, the slow ones make great kill fodder anyway. The fast zombies are super scary. Yeah, you know the ones that move in packs and just run all out on you, those bad boys are creepy. But we do like the slow ones too, those are fun for kill fodder and general tomfoolery.  See video below.

As you can see, the slow zombies are fun because you can take your time and use your imagination to find a creative and fun way to end their hunger without offering your own flesh to them. Go ahead and find a child's toy and ram it through their eye socket, they are slow so quick moves are usually safe but you have to be careful still, you don't want them latching onto you.

Our Zombie Eat Flesh tees come in all sizes and colors for the real zombie fan who is concerned with high fashion. We have two designs for light shirts and dark so you can select the right one for you. Zombie Eat Flesh shirts make great gifts for the zombie creep you know and love so don't forget them.

Example of our Zombie Shirts in black.

Yeah, zombies are the best horror creature there is as far as we are concerned. It's the fast zombies that really get our heart racing. Like the ones in 28 Weeks Later. Those were some bad-ass zombies in that flick. The fast moving zombies are strong, fast and vicious, no matter the level of rottage that their carcass has suffered. Fast zombies can be on you in seconds to feast on your favorite bits. Check out this video clip from 28 Weeks Later:

See what we mean? Those things get into a pack before you know it and BAM you are in deep doo-doo. We love these awesome zombie movies and the video games too. That's why we had to redesign the cool Zombie Eat Flesh tees. Such a cool zombie t-shirt with such great humor needs to be available for the zombie fans out there.

Zombie Eat Flesh for men women and children too.
Check out our cool Zombie Eat Flesh by following the link and see if you can't find a style and color to suit your wardrobe.

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