Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Bin Laden Shirts

Osama Bin Laden's death is still on everyone's mind. Bin Laden shirts have slammed the marketplace in the last week and we have one more to offer for you to commemorate this win in America's war on terror. As usual our t-shirts deal pretty closely with humor, often times whether humor is in bad taste or not. We aren't sure if this one may falls in that category but we, like the American people, make no apologies for being who we are and so we give you, "Happiness is a Headshot" Our answer to celebrating the death of Osama in good humor and style.

Headshot $16.95 Adult White Value shirt
Headshot $16.95 Adult White Value T-shirt

Please note how comically Bin Laden's eyes are rolled back in his head as a well-placed bullet hole perfects his evil little brain. Nice eh? Yeah, we thought you would like it. To finish there is a happy little blood trail leading from the kill hole down Bin Laden's ugly nose.

Just as you would imagine to find in one of those friendly "The more you know" commercials, we see a bold rainbow bursting from the Osama expired cranium onto the words, Happiness is a Headshot in nice fashion. This makes our latest Osama tee one that shouldn't be ignored. It adds a rather in-your-face approach to the issue of Osama's death with humor and attitude to spare.

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